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Dear Guests !

Here you have the possibility to fill out the Registration Form easily online from your home prior to your arrival.
The guest registration is legally mandatory in Austria.

Thus we can prepare everything well for you and you have no delays or waiting times at your arrival.
The MURTAL-GUEST-CARD will be ready for you to takeover at your check in.

                                The Murtal card was introduced as a special service in our region and offers our guests a fantastic wealth of advantages. For example, you obtain with the guest card at the ski lifts a 10% discount price and great deals
at many other vendors as well.

Please fill out the online registration form carefully, at least 7 days before your arrival.
It is no problem if there are any changes in the meantime, we can correct this details after your arrival.
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Registration Form
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Please enter the total number of people separated by age group, including you as notifying. If something change till your arrival day, that can be corrected any time.
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